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The AHK is an umbrella organisation for arts education in Amsterdam. The AHK consists of the following six academies: Breitner Academy, Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Netherlands Film Academy, Reinwardt Academy, Academy of Theatre and Dance and Academy of Architecture. In addition, the AHK offers the Master’s programme, the Master of Education in Arts. Finally, the academies are supported by the Service Bureau.

The AHK handles your personal data carefully in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In this Privacy Statement, the AHK will inform you about the way in which the AHK deals with your personal data and what your rights are.

Processing of personal data
By uploading your results of Wicked Arts Assignments you give the AHK the rights and the free use of the materials as shown on the website. The AHK does not have to request permission to use the images from the image author or producer of the image in question, but the AHK should always include the reference and correct credits.

By uploading your results of Wicked Arts Assigments on this website (here after referred to as: the website), AHK assumes the rights of the results are guaranteed for publication on the website, as well as in publicity directly linked to that publication. Before uploading results on the website, you must assure that you have an active consent:

  • of the maker to publish the result
  • if there is a recognizable face of a person on the result, you are responsible for asking that person’s permission for its online publication. When there are recognizable faces of children or young adults, a parent or guardian needs to give active consent for the online publication of the result. 

By sending the results via the website, you implicitly state that these mentioned rights are cleared and assured. When somebody files a claim concerning copyright of these results, AHK will not be the responsible party, but the person who uploaded the results.

Our organization processes your data in order to execute and improve our services, in order to compile user statistics and in order to improve our websites.

Types of personal data
The following personal data and special personal data may be processed by the AHK:

  • Name
  • e-mailadres

The personal data is only used by the AHK for the above-mentioned purposes. Your consent will be explicitly requested for other purposes.

Data Protection Officer
The AHK has a Data Protection Officer (hereinafter referred to as: DPO) who ensures that the processing of personal data by the AHK is in accordance with the GDPR. The DPO of the AHK is registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority. The statutory duties and powers give this officer an independent role within the organization. The role of the DPO is currently a dual position performed by:

  • Mr F.A. Kuipers
  • Mr H.G.A. Prins

You can contact the DPO via email:

Your right of correction and deletion of data
In the case of a request to delete results, the AHK will delete the data in so far as this is technically possible. If you would like to delete or correct data, you can submit a request for this via email address

Provision to third parties
The AHK may make use of service providers for the processing of personal data, who are exclusively contracted as processor and act in support of the AHK. Processors work based on a processing agreement concluded to that end. Apart from that, the personal data is not provided to third parties, unless the AHK is obliged to do so based on specific legislation. The personal data will not be rented out, sold or shared in another way with or provided to third parties.

The AHK is responsible for ensuring that the personal data is only processed and managed within the European Economic Area and not outside. Only in situations in which there are no reasonable alternatives and the countries comply with requirements set forth by the European Commission, the AHK shall choose to process and manage personal data outside the EEA. The AHK will only provide personal data to countries outside of the EEA in some cases. This will happen in the following situations: for the purpose of communication with foreign students who are going to study at the AHK, students of the AHK who are studying abroad, employing staff members from outside the EEA and in connection with academic research.

Security of personal data
The AHK is responsible - together with possible processors - for appropriate organizational and technical security of personal data. In this way, we ensure that this data is only accessible to persons who are authorized to that end, based on their position or duty, and that the data is only used for the purposes for which it was obtained and on a legal basis. In order to optimally protect your personal data against unauthorized access or unauthorized use, the AHK applies appropriate security technologies. We press charges in the case of (attempted) misuse. In addition, the AHK takes organizational measures in order to secure personal data against access by unauthorized parties.

Procedure for reporting data breaches
The AHK has a procedure for reporting and dealing with data breaches. More information can be found via: (in Dutch) 

Our websites contain hyperlinks to websites of third parties. The AHK is not responsible for the content of these website and is also not responsible for the privacy policy and the use of cookies on these websites. Please read the privacy statement of the website in question in order to see what they do with your personal data.

The AHK reserves the right to make amendments to the Privacy Statement. Amendments will be published on the website.

Questions, comments or complaints
The AHK appreciates your questions and comments with regard to this Privacy Statement. If you believe that this Privacy Statement is not being complied with or if you have complaint about the use of your personal data by the AHK, or if you want to submit a request to make use of your rights as data subject, you can contact the DPO directly via the email address:

Under the GDPR, you are entitled to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority about our processing of your personal data. You may contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority for this.

Cookies and this website

Wicked Arts Assignments is an initiative of the Amsterdam University of the Arts (hereinafter referred to as: AHK). The website uses cookies. These are small files that are sent with the pages of this website by your browser and are stored on your computer. Cookies enable website owners to remember user preferences and interests based on browsing habits and can be used the next time you visit the same website. 

The AHK only uses cookies to improve the site based on visitor statistics. No personal information is collected.

Dutch Cookie law
Since June 2012 a new Telecommunications Act is in force in the Netherlands, obliging every Dutch website to inform visitors about the use of cookies and demanding permission for their use. The AHK aims to satisfy this obligation.

Cookies on this website
The website Wicked Arts Assignments uses the following cookies:

First-party cookies
Just like over 80% of all websites worldwide we make use of cookies for analytical purposes. We use Matomo Analytics, an open source analytics tool provider, to help improve our website for our visitors. The cookie stored on your computer for this is the only one set by the AHK itself in the context of this website. Information collected are the following: parameters related to your web browser and operating system, navigation patterns within the website, and referrer data. The information gathered by Matomo is anonymized as much as possible. Your IP address is not explicitly given. The information is stored on premises by us.

Third-party cookies
The AHK makes use of a number of external services to share information on our website. Content that is physically published on a different domain is in this case displayed on our website by means of ‘embedding’. The external website may store a cookie on your computer. Content from the following websites is displayed within the AHK web: Vimeo ( and YouTube ( Read more about Vimeo’s data policy and Youtube’s data policy (YouTube is a service provided by the company Google).

Commercial cookies
Currently, this website does not use commercial cookies. If that would have been the case, through the AHK, the commercial cookies would only go into effect when you agree to this precisely. With these cookies, site visits are tracked to enrich statistics and measure advertisements that the AHK places on other sites.

Activating and deactivating cookies
You can disable cookies in your browser. Please note: if you disable cookies or delete them, it is possible that you cannot use all the features of a website. 

Last update: October 2019

Website disclaimer

The Wicked Arts Assignments website ( has been compiled with the greatest possible care. However, the AHK is not liable for any direct or indirect damage that could arise from the use of the information provided on this website. Therefore, no rights or claims can be made in any way whatsoever from the content of this website.

The AHK reserves the right to adjust the content of the website or to remove parts at any time without having to notify you. The materials published on the website are offered without any form of guarantee or claim to correctness. If someone believes they can assert any right to published texts or digital objects on the website, we request that you notify us.