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Wicked Arts Assignments is a project of the Research Group Arts Education of the Amsterdam University of the Arts. The project reflects the oeuvre of contemporary arts educators around the world. Wicked Arts Assignments are bold, unusual, contrary, funny, poetical, inspiring, socially committed, or otherwise challenging.

Everyone who teaches art knows them: the assignment that is seemingly simple but which challenges participants, students and pupils to the max. Many artists and arts teachers have that singular, personal, often-used assignment in which everything comes together: their artistic vision, their pedagogical approach and their love for certain techniques or methods. The book Wicked Arts Assignments (Valiz publishers) and this website are both a tribute to and a source of inspiration for arts educators. The website collects artistic results and new assignments can be submitted.


On Friday 27 November 2020 the Research Group Arts Education of Amsterdam University of the Arts organized an international digital symposium on Wicked Arts Assignments. During the symposium contributors from the book from all over the world shared their ideas and practice in several parallel presentations and workshops in real time with a broad international community. Read more

Wicked events

  • 2021, Collaboration with Mister Motley on Wicked Arts Assignments. Interview with Sterre Boerkamp, Sabina Enéa Téari/ Foresta Collective and Andrea Palašti by Sanne Kersten
  • 2021, podcast on Wicked Arts Assignments, Aminata Cairo interviews Emiel Heijnen en Melissa Bremmer and Lieneke Hulshof (Mister Motley) in podcastseries Kunsteducatie Doorgelicht
  • 2021, NAEA Conference Chicago, USA. Wicked Arts Assignments: The Hidden Oeuvre of Contemporary Arts Educators. Presentation by Melissa Bremmer & Emiel Heijnen
  • 2021, LKCAtelier, NL. Wicked Arts Assignments. Online workshop by Melissa Bremmer & Emiel Heijnen with Oskar Maarleveld.
  • 2021, EYE Film Institute, NL. Wicked Film Assignments. Online workshop by Melissa Bremmer & Emiel Heijnen with Oskar Maarleveld.


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